PublicInquiries.org is a free, independent, practical legal resource drawing on the experience of practitioners and participants In a wide range of public inquiries. This website offers practical guidance and advice for anyone interested in public inquiries including legal practitioners, witnesses giving evidence at public inquiries, core participants, Ministers deciding whether to hold a public inquiry, those calling for a public inquiry into an incident and anyone interested in how public inquiries are created and operate.

This website is intended to provide information about setting up, running and conclusion of public inquiries.The public inquiry is the foremost vehicle for allaying serious public concern and restoring trust in the state. The Inquiries Act 2005 ensures that the public inquiry will remain a pivotal part of public life in Britain and a major instrument of accountability and reconciliation.

This site will be regularly updated with commentary, analysis, news, case law and interviews. We welcome your feedback and input.

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Latest News

11/08/2011 | Landmark Chambers is to host a seminar about the Leveson Inquiries entitled Phone hacking Inquiries and how to protect a free press on 8 September 201 more >

04/08/2011 | Many NGOs and those who claim they have been tortured will take no part in the Torture Inquiry because they believe it lacks credibility and transparency more >

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