Robert Hamill Inquiry

Terms of Reference: To inquire into the death of Robert Hamill with a view to determining whether any wrongful act or omission by or within the Royal Ulster Constabulary facilitated his death or obstructed the investigation of it, or whether attempts were made to do so; whether any such act or omission was intentional or negligent; whether the investigation of his death was carried out with due diligence; and to make recommendations.

Chair: Sir Edwin Jowitt

Panel Members: Reverend Baroness Kathleen Richardson, Sir John Evans.

Dates - Establishment: 16th November 2004 (following the Report of The Hon Justice Peter Cory, a retired Canadian Judge, published in April 2004) and converted on 29 March 2006 to an Inquiry to be held under the Inquiries Act 2005

Hearings: Continuing

Report: Not yet published

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Description of the events which caused the public concern:

The death of Robert Hamill following an incident in Portadown, County Armagh on 27 April 1997.


Officer L, Re [2007] UKHL 36 (31 July 2007)

Hamill, Re Leave To Apply For Judicial Review [2008] NIQB 44 (11 April 2008)

Hamill, Re Judicial Review [2008] NIQB 73 (01 July 2008)

Summary of reports recommendations: Not yet reported.

Any follow up bodies: Not applicable.